2012 SuperModel Contest
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ModelBank is the only service that allows Models to petition corporate sponsors, friends and family to contribute towards their goal of making it big in the model industry. Because modeling requires so much dedication and funding, often aspiring models need that extra help to maintain their footing in this competitive field. ModelBank to the rescue!!

Why it works?
Models are automatically enrolled in ModelBank when they become associated to an event that VogueModeling is sponsoring.

Models can use the funds that are deposited in their Model account towards the costs, fee and services being offered by VogueModeling.

As an example, the SuperModel contestant might have the following costs:

- Competition entry fee
- Clothing
- Hair
- Makeup
- Airfare
- Lodging
- Food
- Compcards
- Professional pictures
- etc.

This can add up to quite a charge.

How it works?

Sponsors come to supermodel.voguemodeling.com, select the model's name from the list of active models for the event.
Complete the purchase form wherein the donation can range from $1 and up.

As funds are being added to the model's account they can use these funds towards the cost samples listed above.
**subject to terms and conditions (click here for details)

by clicking you agree to the terms and conditions. (click here for details)

Don't let the lack of funds keep you from following your dreams. Use ModelBank TODAY

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