2012 SuperModel Contest
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Tkeyah Matthews
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 242 hits
as of 03:06:17 AM Yesterday

modeling is my dream!

Tkeyah M

Famous Green
Age: 8

Popularity: 196 hits
as of 05:39:55 PM Today

To gain more experience and to be great!

Famous G

Diamond King
Age: 10

Popularity: 94 hits
as of 07:58:34 AM Today

I want to be in your show because i love modeling and I just love walking the runway and being the center of attention.

Diamond K

Terri Whited
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 93 hits
as of 01/24 06:11:36 AM

Because it's my dream to be a professional model.

Terri W

Age: Over 18

Popularity: 84 hits
as of 08:09:44 PM Yesterday

It woul be a tremendous opportunity for me to experience one of my dreams. And to know that my days are being fulfilled. Dream on.

George F

Age: 17

Popularity: 82 hits
as of 01/24 05:30:24 PM

They are genuine

Maimouna S

Torie Cook
Age: 10

Popularity: 79 hits
as of 12:33:19 PM Yesterday

I love showing ppl work an modeling to me is fun an feel like im doing something good

Torie C

Jahliya  Womack
Age: 13

Popularity: 77 hits
as of 09:50:11 AM Yesterday

My dream is to be one on day

Jahliya W

Age: 17

Popularity: 76 hits
as of 04:58:57 PM Today

Because I have the right attitude to pull it off

Tshepang F

Age: 7

Popularity: 75 hits
as of 05:34:49 PM Yesterday

Try something new and gain self esteem

Bailey S

Age: 17

Popularity: 71 hits
as of 01:12:12 PM Yesterday

I want to become a professional model

Darius W

Alexis Vaughan
Age: 0

Popularity: 70 hits
as of 07:40:56 AM Yesterday

Alexis V

Age: Over 18

Popularity: 68 hits
as of 06:56:32 AM Yesterday

I am new to modeling and I have a creative mind. This will be a good way to get my name out in the modeling world. And people get to see how creative I can be.

Felicia B

Age: 7

Popularity: 65 hits
as of 04:32:57 PM Today

Two very special and dynamic identical twins ready for their first try on the runway. I think it would be an awesome experience for.my little ones!!

Julie D

Zoee Bishop-Bridges
Age: 0

Popularity: 63 hits
as of 10:29:52 AM Today

Zoee B

Age: 0

Popularity: 42 hits
as of 04:46:52 PM Today

Natalie P

Age: 0

Popularity: 35 hits
as of 01:58:59 AM Yesterday

Teniola O

Age: Over 18

Popularity: 0 hits
as of 08/09/2019 05:24:08 PM

I want to be apart of the show because I love modeling ,taking photos,and fashion is a passion. Shad G. Moss also recommended that I become a model along with lilwayne from young money cash money. I'm also a struggling new artists behind the scenes mtv music with wiz khalifa,lilwayne,Justin bieber,b...

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