2012 SuperModel Contest
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is the number one show that allows models a fast track towards a modeling career, providing industry professional judges the opportunities to review fresh new talent, unparalleled entertainment for attending audiences while providing Vendors an array of advertising and sales opportunities.

SuperModel is about the experience. Models from all over the country as well as internationally are welcome to register for the show in hopes that they will become the next SuperModel. There is no experience requirements for registration, both males and females are encouraged to become involved. SuperModel is for all ages 5 through adult.

SuperModel, since 2004 has worked with national magazines, Talent Scouts, professional photographers and various Fashion industry elite in providing this opportunity. While the event is hosted in the contest format, the seriousness can not be understated. Those who have won the SuperModel event have gone on to Magazine front covers, modeling contracts, extensive runway shows, trips to Europe, Mexico and much more. Models are not required to have any experience, but carry a confidence on the runway, the potential to learn, and not be afraid to embrace change.

Starting in 2008 and continuing, some winners of the SuperModel shows have been and will be featured in FashionWeek events, the most premier fashion forum and the ultimate for an aspiring model. Many times VogueModeling receives calls and inquiries for specific models for specific contracts.

Supporters of the SuperModel venue also greatly benefit from the association in that their sponsorship investment expands their accessibility and visibility in the fashion arena. Designers use SuperModel as a method to launch new products and showcase their goods. Fabulous hair designs and luscious makeup are the trend setting looks that adorn the runway. Not only is SuperModel an excellent networking environment in which companies can cultivate relationships and drive sales, the footprint of the SuperModel Contest provides aspiring models, in which companies can find low cost professional/semi-professional models/talent to off set the rising cost of advertising, brochures, and other forms of media necessities. Textiles, retail and educational institutions find that SuperModel is a great medium for them to display and present their garments to a captured audience which otherwise may never see their finished product.

SuperModel, the experience for all, and number one in runway shows!

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