2012 SuperModel Contest
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Terms and Conditions
  1. ModelBANK, hereforth to be known as Company, provides credit services to customers through the partner, hereby known as VogueModeling, relationship. Modelbank is a fused technology between Corporate Internet Broadcasting and Vogue Modeling designed to specifically address the financial woes of becoming a model. The sole purpose of credit program is to offer funding at low costs wherein ModelBank is a for profit company.

  2. ModelBank follows the "Go Fund Me" / "Crowd Funding" process to assist the Model in affording services costs and transactions wherein models solicit friends, family, corporations or whomever to invest in their modeling career.

  3. ModelBANK can be used USED anytime because it's not associated with a specific event however the main purpose of the account is to offset the costs of events and services needed by the model. Modelbank is a way for models to target what's needed for any particular event that's related to the models needs and career

  4. Modelbank initially is used with Vogue Modeling transactions to offset cost, example: hair, makeup, travel, clothing, photo shoots, show fees, etc. It can not be used for services that are not offered by or through VogueModeling.

  5. Return Fees: In the event that the model wants to terminate their account in ModelBank, the funds collected will be returned to the sponsors. If the sponsors can not be located then the deposited funds will remain available until the monthly account maintenance charge of 1.5% exhausts the available funds that were left.

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