2012 SuperModel Contest
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Contest is for all levels of models, to compete in the coveted SuperModel Competition. SuperModel displays the finer points of a model before industry standard judges.  Winners will receive trophies, prizes and more. It’s all about the model!

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See contest steps below and rules and regulations.

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How the process works

Begin the applicationEnter your contest data in the fields below, which registers you as a contestant. The system will guide you along the way.

Pay registration fee
Pay your registration fee and 3 category segments for a total of $149.00 to be officially enrolled otherwise you cannot participate in the show.

Upload a Head Shot
(photo & comments shown at the pictures link)
Provide a head shot, 3/4 or full body shot to complete your online profile.

Prepare your Designer LooksGo find your runway looks and be ready to win!

The Show WinnerDuring the show, contestants battle for semi-finals (top 5) positions.

Scoring is based on: poise, elegance, showmanship, runway skills, overall presentation.

Winner receives Magazine PrintA 5 foot trophy, a magazine print, a shopping spree and other prizes.

Magazine release dates will vary based on magazine's time schedule.

RULES and Regulations:

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